Europe at Night

65 Millionen Streetlights illuminate Europe every night !
The widespread use of LED and intelligent lighting control systems are essential,
to the ambitious efficiency targets to be achieved by 2020 and 2030.

LED industrial Lighting

Efficient LED lights increase the safety at work and contribute to the success of your enterprise.
Through conversion to LED energy / emissions reduction of up to 70% can be achieved.

LED Lighting in schools

LED lights and LED reprovit lamps
promote the concentration of students in the classroom.

HTL Krems - Project 2015/2016

Investment summary: Eur 20.000,-
payback period: 2,55 Jahre !
Energy saving and emission reduction of 61.7%!
Additional: LED bulbs have compared to traditional fluorescent lamps not "50Hz flicker".
This eye fatigue is significantly reduced and increased attention during lessons.

LED Lighting in parking garages

Improve the illumination of parking lots and signage
with simultaneous reduction of energy costs by up to 65%!

Benefits after conversion:

Parking garages have your long periods of operation a relatively high proportion of energy consumption in lighting.
After upgrading the lighting to LED retrofit or LED beams of energy cost savings up to 65%.
On average amortization be reached at 1.5 years with very little effort here.
Furthermore, the illumination is significantly improved.

Hotels and Gastronomy

Warm light colors and flat beam -
We create a pleasant atmosphere for your guest.
and while saving up to 90% of your energy costs!


Through the use of conventional light sources such as halogen and incandescent spots not only of energy consumption for lighting can be reduced by up to 90%.
but it also reduces the costs for air conditioning of the premises, as generated by the old bulbs heat (up to 90% of energy consumption) no longer needs to be compensated
Here are amortization up of only 3 months by these high energy savings possible.